Friday, January 1, 2016

Fox and Howl: Villains for Prowlers and Paragons

What's this?  Actual content?  Here are two villains that have appeared in my side campaign using Prowlers & Paragons, the duo of Fox and Howl.

art by Phil Cho
Fox began her career in a special forces unit before leaving to pursue a career as a private mercenary.  She was hired on by the Secret Empire, and now has been tasked with locating passengers from TransGlobal Flight 246 who may be manifesting metahuman powers.  Fox has no powers herself, but relies on her training and cutting-edge gear.

Edge 12
Health 16
Athletics (Martial Arts) 8D
Command 4D
Stealth 7D
Streetwise 4D
Thievery 6D
Armor (Item) 5D
Blast (Item) 10D
Dazzle (Item, 3 charges) 8D
Ensnare (Item, 3 charges) 8D
Strike (Blocking, Item) 10D
Ally (Boss, Secret Empire)
Lightning Reflexes
Gear: armor costume, blaster pistol, flash grenades, tangle grenades, shock gloves

Flaws: Secret (Identity), Serves Secret Empire, Wanted

art by Phil Cho
Howl remembers nothing of his past life before becoming an agent of the Secret Empire.  Howl has been extensively surgically altered, including dermal implants and an sonic amplifier weapon onto his voicebox.  Unfortunately Howl is unable to speak normally and can only emit the shattering blasts that give him his name.  His sonic attacks can also stun a person into unconsciousness.  Howl serves as muscle for Fox in her mission to capture possible metahumans for the Secret Empire.

Edge  18
Health 14
Athletics 5D
Blast 8D
Perception 7D
Running 6D
Stealth 7D
Stun 10D
Toughness 8D
Will 6D
Super Senses (sonar, ultra hearing)
Gear: none
Flaws: Secret (Identity), Mute,  No memory of his past

Author's Note: one thing I like to do with not just a superhero RPG but any RPG is look at artwork that other people have done as use it as an inspiration for my own stories.  For this superhero mini-campaign I've been mining the work of graphic artist Phil Cho, whose website is and definitely worth a visit.  He even has more artwork on his DeviantArt page.

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