Saturday, February 20, 2016

Friday Night Recap: Genderbend edition

Emma took a turn behind the GM screen this last Friday.  Emma is one of our young adult players, the daughter of the other players in the group.  Emma wanted to run a little interlude adventure for the D&D group that just liberated Grimfest, but in a weird twist had everyone playing their PC's as if they were the opposite gender (the explanation being that this was a parallel universe to my campaign's universe).

The set-up?  A kingdom's day of celebration is interrupted by a bitter arch-mage with an axe to grind about the king and queen.  After monolouging he stole the city's giant magical gem that provides health and well-being to all.

For a first adventure it went really well, with some fun non-combat gameplay and real effort to involve everyone.  The only problem was that the story went pear-shaped when instead of staying on track my PC (a human barbarian named Maartje who was making her first appearance) didn't ask the dragon where the arch-mage's hideout was, which the GM expected, but why he was so pissed off at the king and queen.  Emma thought up a reason on the spot which had the inadvertent effect of making him sympathetic and the king the main antagonist.  

So, with that in mind, we went back to the castle, killed the king, and destabilized a whole kingdom.  Again.

One high point was when Sign "assassinated" yet another monster, this time rolling crits.  On both dice.
20's on both attacks!  We call that 51 points of damage where I come from.
From here, the other Rob is taking over the D&D game, while Rachel is entering the final sessions of her zombie game and John is preparing to launch his Star Wars game.  Me?  I'm still on hiatus.

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