Friday, February 12, 2016

Games, Games Everywhere

It's like the dam broke after the holidays when it comes to my gaming group.

First of all, the one- or two-shot of the FATE zombie-now-with-aliens RPG run by Rachel has turned into at least a mini-series with several more sessions to go.

Then, the other Rob in the group is planning on continuing the D&D campaign I started, with the same characters, but moving onto a whole different story arc.

Finally John is planning on running West End Games' Star Wars RPG once month.

This is a big shift in my gaming group's structure, which usually had a single GM running 2-3 times a month, each time with just some of the gaming group,  to each GM only running once a month for most of the gaming group.  The biggest issue is group consistency.  When I was running a single campaign, people could game twice a month and the group wouldn't get that large.  Now I feel it is likely that everyone will try to make every session, meaning larger numbers at the table.

More as this progresses....

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