Saturday, November 28, 2015

Friday night gaming recap: into the Cauldron

It's a coach of blood-chilling terror
The last session had been a little rough, but nothing helps get me back in the right frame of mind for gaming like a long conversation with Adam from Barking Alien, which I enjoyed the afternoon before the game.  One of his best bits of advice was to talk to my players about where I was in terms of how I felt about the campaign.  I'm really needing to wrap this up, but I also don't want to just see it fall flat--there's been too much time and energy invested in it for that.

So last night was one of our gaming sessions where I'm gaming with the adults, and one of the youth was GMing the other youth players.  I was feeling a little more confident than last week when it came to set-up, and with a particular emphasis on interesting set design and some fun roleplaying the game went off pretty well.  The group took down (with more than a little help), the #2 gang in Grimfest, the Children of the Third House, which only leaves the PC's and the biggest, most powerful gang, the Parliament of Bone.  The Parliament had effectively set up the Children by encouraging them to participate in a ritual that was likely to fail (and did, summoning a Bone Devil to kill them all), and the PC's came in, mopped up, killed the Bone Devil, and the entire hideout ended up being cast into a giant pit of lava.  And...scene!

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