Saturday, July 2, 2016

Improving the post-game experience

One thing I introduced to my gaming group (and they continue it even as others have taken over as GM) is that at the end of each session they all fill out index cards with the answers to three questions:
  1. What was the coolest thing that happened in this gaming session?
  2. What was the coolest thing another player did?
  3. If you were casting this campaign as a TV series/movie, who would you cast as [name of NPC]?
It's a nice way to figure out what players like, and often the answer to question 2 results in some XP bonuses.  But recently my friend Adam suggested that instead of the usual question for number 3, that instead I try to find another way to see what an NPC looked like.  Many of my players are artists, especially the younger ones, so I decided to add an optional fourth question, namely by handing out cards early and letting them sketch a picture of a PC or NPC on the back during game play.  That has the added bonus of keeping idle hands busy during slow combat rounds.

Here's an example, a picture of the D&D gaming group as children, drawn by my daughter.  That's my barbarian in the top right corner with the top-knot and no shirt.

So far it's a big hit, and I'll post scans/photos of drawings as I get them!  Thanks for watching!

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