Sunday, July 3, 2016

Some player-made illustrations from Prowlers and Paragons

In my last post, I mentioned how I've been encouraging players to sketch what they are imagining.  Yesterday my kids wanted me to run our on-and-off Prowlers and Paragons game with a couple of their friends, so I had them wrap up a short plot line from the last time we did this.  We tried out the sketching-as-postlude, and it was a big hit.  Here's some examples:

Clockwise from top left: Whiplash, Blowtorch, Kroxigor (a PC), and Xenoist (the big bad guy of the story)
In the story the PC's are trying to rescue a police detective who was investigating the Secret Empire, a shadowy organization that has been a frequent antagonist of the PC's.  The heroes infiltrate ReVision, Inc, where they suspect the Secret Empire has been operating.  There they find and battle three henchmen supervillains--Blowtorch, Jackhammer, and Whiplash--and meet one of the Secret Empire's chief mad scientists, Xenoist.  Xenoist tries to pump the detective full of his own version of the chemical agents that transformed the passengers of Flight 246 (the shared origin story of the heroes), but the detective is saved when Nightshade is able to extract the chemicals using his plant enzymes.  That last act was done when the player succeeded in a truly superheroic skill roll and completely circumvented the final fight scene with the horribly mutated police detective.  Instead Det. Joe Patochik will live to fight crime another day and Player Agency wins again!

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