Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Epilogue on Friday's Game

After the Marvel Heroic Roleplaying session, we had a little chat about where we wanted to go with the campaign, which rules we wanted to use, and the possibility of a second team.  As it turns out I have four players teed up for the second team: another couple, a fellow from my church, and my daughter, who is young but the same age my son was when he began.

Interestingly enough, despite several of the players being at least familiar, if not having played Mutants & Masterminds, the group was happier with Marvel Heroic Roleplaying.  I had thought, given how much they had played D&D 4E, they would want a "crunchier" game, but the group seemed to agree that the more fluid, imagination-driven rules of MHR.  I suppose it makes sense--there were a couple of moments in the M&M game where a player attempted what would be considered in MHR terms a "stunt" only to be told there would be some sort of penalty.  In addition, as I mentioned previously, there was at least one, if not two, high attack bonus/low damage PC's who couldn't seem to affect the villain in the piece.  Unintentional, but informative.

Even more surprising was the announcement from one of my players what he'd like to jump to the other group for schedule reasons.  That means having five on each side, which is a very good number.  It also means I have two players who know the game (my daughter and I have done some playing of MHR on the side) and the switching player's PC is a nice, solid jack-of-all-trades PC with lots of solid options.

More to come...

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