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Robot Duplicate Disaster!

My regular gaming group got back together Friday to once again play the Ultimate Posse with Marvel Heroic Roleplaying.  I'll freely admit I lifted much of the adventure from "The Protean Plot" by Green Ronin Games.

The game began with a bit of a transition scene where the team was contacted by the Ferret, who had escaped the demonic invaders.  He was able to tell them that the home dimension of the demons was Stygia, which Abrasax said he would research.

Suddenly, the Posse gets a call from the police chief that a group of metahumans is breaking into Genesis Technologies (home of Lancelot, a rival "hero").  The group of metahumans is the Multipower Gang, and the Posse (wondering where Lancelot might be) heads over and mixes it up with the power-shifting thieves.  The Multipower Gang proves to be a bit of a challenge for the group, stressing out Dr. Mind and injuring others, and right before they are overcome one of the Gang attacked the group with an area gas cloud which makes many of the group feel woozy.  But ulimately (see what I did there) the heroes prevail and head home.

That night the heroes all have a dream that they are breaking into Genesis Technologies to steal their new armor, codenamed "Galahad."  When they wake up in the various homes, many of them get together and discover they have all had the dream.  What's worse, now the police have surrounded the headquarters, and with them is the missing Lancelot...

Watcher's Note: I had the players roleplay out the theft, which they thought was because they were under the control of the gas cloud, which is fine, but not exactly true.

The group breaks down into disagreement about what to do.  Dr. Mind is at his home with his family, and is laying low.  Abrasax, the Ferret, Mr. Eternity, and Union Galactic all want to flee and try to get back their good name.  Samkhara, on the other hand, wants to surrender to the police and make their case to the authorities.  She heads out to talk to the police chief (who arrests her) and the other four make their escape.  Lancelot pursues, but Abrasax, the Ferret, and Mr. Eternity defeat him.  Union Galactic has headed off on his own, determined not to get caught.

While in police custody, Samkhara pleads her innocence, but the door opens and another Samkhara enters, claiming she's an imposter!  Meanwhile, the fleeing members of the Posse are similarly approached by their counterparts, while Dr. Mind, who had decided to go support Samkhara, is attacked outside the police station by a second Dr. Mind.


The real Ultimate Posse awaken to find themselves captured by none other than their old foe/rejected paramour Interface!  She monologues for a while about how they were teleported here by nanites in the gas cloud, and how her robot duplicates have taken their places.  The robots fully believe themselves to be the real Posse, but obey her orders to steal the new Galahad armor (which they did).  Plus, in revenge for Mr. Eternity's rejection of her offer to join her in ruling the world, she has branded them as villains!

Well, the Posse isn't going to have any of that.  Abrasax busts lose, Dr. Mind goes insubstantial, and the Ferret uses his mental-link with his Ferret to turn off the machine holding them.  Combat ensues.  Afterward the Posse heads out to intercept their robot duplicates, which is where we pick up the action again...

While Samkhara struggles to defeat her robot duplicate (since her mental powers will have limited effect on it, plus she was rolling terribly), Dr. Mind easily dispatches the robot who spent last night with his family.  Elsewhere the Ferret, Mr. Eternity, and Abrasax decide to not go with the "everyone pick their dance partner" tactic and instead team up and take out each of them, one at a time.  In a surprising twist, Union Galactic actually manages to talk his own robot duplicate into not attacking, citing their mutual anxiety regarding the return of the alien race that held him in captivity for over 100 years.  (This was a bit of great "emotional stresssing out" using the MHR rules.)  Will two robots now be living with the Posse?

The session ends with the Posse's reputation restored, Lancelot swearing revenge, and the gaming group enjoying a pretty genre-classic adventure.

After, there was a little discussion among the group that I'll write up in a later post.  Until then, thanks for reading!


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