Wednesday, December 5, 2012

5th Villain of Christmas: the Multipower Gang

Not exactly "Five Golden Rings" but today I thought I'd put forward a group, rather than an individual.

The Multipower Gang

Solo d4
Buddy d6
Team d8

Gang d8/d8/d8/d8/d8
Can be targeted individually or as a group with a Multi- Area Attack

Power Sets

1. Superhuman Strength d10
2. Superhuman Speed d10
3. Force Blast d10
4. Supersonic Flight d10
5. Superhuman Durability d10
     SFX: Force Fields.  Take a die from the Doom Pool and be able to use Superhuman Durability on another person as part of their reaction.
Superhuman Durability d8
Teleportation d10
     Limit: Recall.  Teleportation can only be used at the end of a scene to remove the Multipower Gang from being captured.

Limit: One power at a time.  Each member of the gang can only utilize a single power in a given action from those numbered 1-5, and no one can duplicate another's power in that action.
Limit: Gear, as MHR

Combat Expert
Covert Expert
Crime Expert

History and Powers:
The Multipower Gang is a group of five agents, men and women, who wear high-tech outfits that appear to be able to manifest various powers, but only a single power per member.  No one knows who is sponsoring the gang, but the group refers to a mysterious figure known as "Control," who directs their attacks and, when the Gang runs into trouble, teleports them away.
The Multipower Gang has been involved in several high-profile thefts of both valuable and scientific supplies. When confronted by superheroes or the authorities they tend to try to keep their opponents off balance by frequently shifting powers and teamwork.  While not able to take on an entire superhero team, they can be a serious problem for a solo hero.
The suits themselves are black bodystockings with helmets and "Tron" circuit diagrams that change color corresponding to which power they can access at the time.

"You throw our friend up into the air, and I'll shoot him down!"

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