Friday, December 14, 2012

13th Villain of Christmas: Throgmorton

A little late on this one.  Work was pretty demanding yesterday--the curse of the number 13?  Well, in honor of unlucky 13 we present another favorite of mine just for the name alone: Throgmorton!

Throgmorton (Jonas Throckmorton III)

Solo d8
Buddy d4
Team d6

Really Unhappy

Power Sets

Superhuman Strength d10
Superhuman Durability d10
Superhuman Stamina d10
Growth d6
Leaping d6
SFX: Multiattack, as MHR
Limit: Vulnerable to Magic.  If Throgmorton is hit my any magical attack, step up the effect die.
Limit: Uncontrolled Change.  Jonas Throckmorton will transform into Throgmorton in the presence of strong magic.
Limit: Berzerk, as MHR

Combat Expert (in Throgmorton form only)
Menace Expert (in Throgmorton form only)
Mystic Expert

History and Powers
Jonas Throckmorton was a professor of European Mythology and Folklore at a small university in the Northeast.  While researching Norse mythology Throckmorton acquired a set of ancient runestones which inexplicably cursed him into taking on the form of a Fomorian giant when in the presence of strong magic.  In his initial confusion and rage Throckmorton destroyed the runestones, possibly cutting off his only hope of a cure.  His initial rampage also drew the attention of the authorities and a local superhero called TurboKnight. Throckmorton (calling himself Throgmorton because of the difficulty of speech in his Fomorian form) seriously injured TurboKnight, ending his career.  Throgmorton went on the lam.

Now, Jonas Throckmorton is desperate to reclaim his full humanity, but bad luck follows his everywhere.  Frequently he will attempt to re-enter a semblance of his previous life by taking some sort of teach position under an assuming identity, but he is a frequent target of both well-intended heroes and some mystical villains who realize that Throckmorton can be bribed, blackmailed, or compelled to serve them.

Jonas Throckmorton is a slender, unattractive man with a pinched face and dour demeanor.  Throgmorton is a hideous caricature of humanity with huge, malformed limbs and an asymmetrical face.  As Throgmorton, he can not speak clearly and his intelligence is diminished to a more feral state.  Only after several days apart from strong magical forces can Throckmorton will himself back into his human form.

Quote: "No!  Why must you make Throgmorton suffer!"

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