Saturday, December 8, 2012

8th Villain of Christmas: Argent

Getting this one in a little late, but here it is!

Argent (Marc Rosen)

Solo d8
Buddy d4
Team d6

Hates the Media

Power Sets

Enhanced Strength d8
Enhanced Speed d8
Godlike Durability d12
SFX: Reflective Skin.  On a successful reaction against an energy-based attack action, either convert opponent's effect die into a REFLECTIVE COATING stunt of step back effect die by -1 and inflect as physical stress.  Spend a die from the doom pool if the action succeeded.
Limit: Conscious Activation, as MHR

Business Expert
Combat Expert
Science Expert
Tech Expert

History and Powers
Marc Rosen was a scientist specializing in the uses of nanotechnology.  He had devloped a method by which a exterior coating of nanobots could be spread over a person's body, creating a highly reflective suit of armor.  The nanobots would also enhance a perosn's strength, and create a frictionless surface upon which wearer could "skate." For the nanobots to function, they had to be carefully keyed to a specific person's body.  Inspired by the death of the Wonders, Rosen secretly had the nanobots created by his employers keyed to his own body, then took them in an attempt to become the first of a new generation of superheroes.  Rosen took the name Argent, after the silverly reflective skin he could summon to cover his body.

His career as a hero was short-lived however.  An overzealous investigative reporter uncovered is true identity, and when Rosen's employers learned that he had stolen the prototype nanobots and prevented them from being used by anyone else, they charged him with theft.  Shocked and enraged, Rosen resisted arrest and became a fugitive from justice.  He is now bitter and resentful that he was denied the chance to become a public idol, and will take any chance to lash out at either the media outlet that exposed him or his former employers.

Quote: "They ruined my life!  Now I'm going to ruin theirs!"

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