Saturday, December 1, 2012

1st Villain of Christmas: Ion

Ion (Katie Sherrod)

Solo d10, Buddy d6, Team d8


Cunning Thief
Playful Prankster
Not a Killer

Power Sets

Electrical Control d8

Flight d8
Enhanced Speed d8
Electrical Blast d10
Shrinking d10
SFX: Multipower
Limit: Conscious Activation

Covert d8

Crime d8
Tech d8

History and Powers

Katie Sherrod has always been someone who would rather steal something than actually work for it, and the more valuable the better. During a break-in at a laboratory belonging to Quest Technologies, Sherrod accidentally overloaded one of their machines, causing a massive explosion. After she recovered in a hospital (while awaiting trial) she discovered that she had gained power over electricity, could shrink to a very small size, and could fly. She immediately used her powers to escape and begin stealing again, except this time to much greater success.
Ion is much more a thief than a violent criminal, and will often choose to flee a combat rather than slug it out. While she has occasionally teamed up with other villains for "the big score," she dislikes dealing with killers and ruthless supervillains. Given a serious enough threat, she could even team up with a hero.

Ion wears a silver bodysuit with black trim. Her hair becomes a nimbus of energy when her powers are in effect.

Quote: "When I heard this would be at the museum, I had just had to steal it. Shocking, isn't it?"

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