Sunday, December 16, 2012

16th Villain of Christmas: Brawl

Brawl (Matt Maishock)

Solo d6
Buddy d4
Team d8

Juiced Up Mercenary

Power Sets

Superhuman Strength d8
Superhuman Reflexes d8
Superhuman Stamina d8

Weapon d6
SFX: Deadly.  Step back the highest die in Brawl's attack action pool to add a d6 and step up physical stress inflicted.
Limit: Gear, as MHR.

Acrobatics Expert
Combat Master
Covert Expert
Menace Expert

History and Powers
Matt Maishock was one of several assassins given superpowers by Empyrean on behalf of the Syndicate of Crime.  His natural abilities were all enhanced to superhuman levels, but Maishock, now calling himself Brawl, supplements those abilities with a collection of knives, guns, and other weapons while in the field.
Brawl is course and over-confident, and has a particular interest in fighting and defeating female opponents.  He has developed a particular fascination with the martial arts heroine Raven over the last few years.
Brawl's costume is a full-body suit and cowl of light brown with a weapon's harness and shoulder pads.

Quote: "You're going down, you stupid cow!"

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