Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12th Villain of Christmas: Mandelbrot

Mandelbrot (Jason Kulas)

Solo d8
Buddy d6
Team d4

Locus of Chaos
Barely Contained Power

Power Sets

Elemental Chaos Control d8
Enhanced Durability d8
Chaos Blast d8
SFX: Multipower, as MHR
SFX: Area Attack, as MHR
SFX: Machines break more easily than people.  If an ENTROPIC WAVE GENERATOR power is used against an inanimate object or is used to resist an attack that is based on an inanimate object (versus a fist or an energy bolt, for example), step up the die for the ENTROPIC WAVE GENERATOR power.
Limit: Can't keep it together.  Create a ENTROPIC WAVE GENERATOR complication and add that die to the Doom Pool or step up an existing Doom Pool die by one step.

Combat Expert d8

History and Powers
Mandelbrot has claimed, at various times, to have discovered a "mathematical key to the universe" which has both blessed and cursed him to be able to generate waves of entropy from his body that cause machines to break and fall apart and living creatures to experience a breakdown of bodily processes.  Whether Mandelbrot's story of his origin is true no one can say, but he has proven to be a potent source of destruction and chaos.  Mandelbrot has tangled with superheroes many times, but his powers make it almost impossible to imprison him for any length of time.  His anarchist, almost nihilistic tendencies are checked only by the threat they occasionally pose to his own safety.

Mandelbrot eschews a typical "costume" in favor of a signature long charcoal gray overcoat over regular clothes.

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