Friday, December 28, 2012

5000 Pageviews!

First I hit 100 posts just earlier this week, and now I'm at 5000 pageviews, so it is a week of benchmarks for Graph Paper Games.  I started this blog as an off-shoot of my wargaming blog The Army Collector, but lately I've been finding my interest being more on roleplaying games than wargaming.  Not surprising, since wargaming itself was an off-shoot of roleplaying games.

Right now, I'm in a curious play in terms of roleplaying games.  I've got a game, and I've got a great group, and we meet regularly.  But I'm discontented.  I've been running this game (D&D 4E) off-and-on for almost two years, and I'm a little bored.  I'm trying to ascertain if I'm bored with the fantasy genre as a whole, or if I'm bored with the "three fights fill an evening" game mechanic that seems to have evolved over time with the group.  I know the group (some of whom read this blog) have a great time hanging out with each other and playing the game, so they aren't necessarily hankering for something different.

But I have told them I'd run about a dozen more sessions or so to get them up to level 20.  After that, I'm done.  That gives me roughly six months to have another campaign in place in which to transition.  That means finding both a game I want to run, a game the players will want to play, and a game that could be used for a long-running campaign (since I'm not such a big fan of short games, having done way too many of those).  The list reflects my priorities, but I have yet to figure out what that game will be.  Maybe you all could be the sounding board about that.

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