Friday, December 7, 2012

7th Villain of Christmas: Codex

Codex (Unknown)

Solo d6
Buddy d8
Team d10

I Kill Monsters
Plenty of Time
Master Strategist

Power Sets

Superhuman Speed d10
Superhuman Reflexes d10
SFX: Pushing the Limits.  Increase one HYPER-FAST PHYSIOLOGY power by one step, then shut down HYPER-FAST PHYSIOLOGY.  Use a die from the Doom Pool to restore HYPER-FAST PHYSIOLOGY.
SFX: I've had time to think this out.  Replace any HYPER-FAST PHYSIOLOGY power with two die one step lower.

Weapon d8
SFX: I've found your weakness.  Step down any DEADLY ARSENAL die, add a d6 to the pool, then step up the effect die by one.

Combat Expert
Covert Master
Crime Expert
Psych Expert
Tech Expert

History and Powers
Nothing is known about Codex except that at some point he was living a normal life until a battle between an unknown supervillain and an unknown superhero or heroes claimed the life of his family.  From that time on, Codex decided that he would do what superheroes seemed unable or unwilling to do: kill the worst of the worst when it came to supervillains.  No one knows where his powers came from, or even if he always had them, but Codex's body moves at an almost impossible speed, including his mental processes.  He isn't extraordinarily intelligent--he just has lots and lots of time to think things through.  Prolonged use of his powers on a physical level can be exhausting for him, however.  Gathering a group of anti-heroes, opportunistic villains, and mercenaries around him, Codex began targeting arch-villains for death.  His most noteworthy victims include Lord Moloch and Master Stroke, and he has launched plans against Starheart in the past.
Despite his crusade against mass-murders and would-be conquerors, Codex's ruthless methods have often found him pitted against heroes, especially those committing against killing.  He once broke into a superhero team's headquarters to raid their database of information about a target.
Codex wears a gray bodysuit with gray gloves and boots, and a utility belt holding various weapons and gear.

Quote: "While you were talking, I had time to figure out your ultimate weakness."

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