Thursday, December 20, 2012

19th Villain of Christmas: The Queen of Darkness

To help me get caught up with my "25 Villains of Christmas," my daughter Macy offered to come up with one.  She developed the concept, and I created the datafile.

The Queen of Darkness (unknown)

Solo d10
Buddy d6
Team d8

Really Scary
Really Evil
Creature from Nightmares

Power Sets

Darkforce Mastery d10
Darkforce Blast d10
Emotion Control (fear) d10
Superhuman Durability d10
Teleportation d10
Flight d6
SFX: Multipower, as MHR
SFX: Bring the night.  When creating a COMPLETELY DARK complication, add a d6 and step up the effect die by +1
SFX: Darkforce Constructs.  Add a d6 and step up the die +1 when using DARKFORCE POWERS to create assets.

Flight d6
Claws d8
SFX: Multiattack, as MHR
Limit: Needs shadows.  If a BRIGHTLY LIT complication is in play on The Queen of the Night, shut down SHADOW CREATURES.  Take a doom from the die pool to restore.

Combat Expert
Cosmic Expert
Psych Master
Menace Master
Mystic Expert

History and Powers
The Queen of Darkness was born in Alaska to parents who were criminals.  She began to manifest her mystical powers as a child, controlling a black energy called "darkforce."  As a teenager she began to use her powers to commit crimes with her parents.  During one criminal escapade her parents were captured by a superhero but she escaped.  Before she could free them, her parents died in prison.  The young woman, calling herself the Queen of Darkness, swore revenge on all superheroes.  She has been battling superheroes ever since.

She is most powerful in dark places, able to summon shadowy creatures of darkness to attack her foes, blast people with darkness, and create fear.  Her base of operations is in Alaska.

Quote: "I'll darken your life faster than you can flip a switch!"

And as a bonus, here's a drawing my daughter did of the Queen of Darkness!

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