Saturday, December 15, 2012

15th Villain of Christmas: Lady Moloch

Lady Moloch (Erika Rawlins)

Solo d10
Buddy d6
Team d8

Grieving Widow
Don't Call Me a Bitch

Power Sets

Enhanced Durability d8
Mystic Resistance d10
Mystic Blast d10
Master Sorcery d10
Telepathy d8
Flight d6
Mystic Senses d10
Teleport d10
SFX: Area Attack, as MHR
SFX: Mystic Household.  When creating a Mystic or Cosmic related resource of stunt, give out a PP to step up the stunt or resource.
Limit: Gear, as MHR

Business Master
Cosmic Expert
Menance Expert
Mystic Expert

History and Powers
Erika Rawlins was the owner of a multi-billion dollar corporation when she caught the eye of the mystic archvillain Lord Moloch.  Moloch was taken by Rawlin's beauty, power, and endless ambition, and he began courting her to be his wife and consort.  Eventually they were secretly married, and Rawlin's massive business holdings began to supplement Lord Moloch's dreams of world domination.
Lord Moloch was believed to be killed by Codex and the Dead Man's Hand when the high-speed vigilante arranged for Moloch to accidentally transport himself to the dimension of the Elder God F'nagthath.  Left alone and bitter for revenge, Rawlins attempted to seize control of her late husband's mystic powers.  Unfortunately for her, Rawlins lacked an innate ability to manipulate magic, and so has had to rely upon Lord Moloch vast arsenal of mystical items and artifacts.  While she publicly maintains her vast corporate empire as Erika Rawlins, she has adopted the name Lady Moloch for her husband's former affairs.
Rawlins is a cold yet stunningly beautiful woman who tends to dress in expensive business attire, accentuated by a handful of magical items of jewelry.

Quote: "Let me show you this ring my late husband left me."

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