Tuesday, December 4, 2012

4th Villain of Christmas: Krag

Krag (Eric Kiefer)

Solo d6
Buddy d4
Team d8

Bad Decision Maker
Walking Avalanche
Incredibly Bitter

Power Sets

Superhuman Strength d10
Superhuman Durability d10
Tunneling d6
Limit: Weighted down.  Turn Superhuman Durability into a complication, then increase one die in the Doom Pool.  Remove a die in the Doom Pool to eliminate the complication.
Limit: Sensitive about appearance.  If Krag suffers an emotional attack based on his appearance, step up the effect die.

Combat Expert
Menace Expert

History and Powers
Eric Kiefer a member of the US Army on his way to military prison as a result of his resistance to authority and his violent temper.  He was given an option to avoid imprisonment if he would participate in a top-secret experiment.  An alien spacecraft has crashed to earth, but had been almost completely destroyed.  A small sample of alien DNA had been collected, and a particularly reckless scientist had convinced the military to allow him to inject a portion of the DNA into a human being.  Kiefer agreed to be one of the test subjects, and after receiving the injection found himself painfully mutated into a horrible, rock-like creature.  Maddened by anger, Kiefer busted out the military facility and has been on the run every since.

While he deeply resents his transformation, Kiefer, now calling himself "Krag" as a pseudonym, being to use his powers in unsophisticated attempts to gain wealth and power, such as busting into banks in broad daylight, etc.  He is also frequently being used as a super-powered henchman for various masterminds and is a common member of the supervillain group The Vicious Circle.  He has tangled at some point with most established superheroes.

"You're not going to look so pretty after I'm done with you!"

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