Monday, December 17, 2012

17th Villain of Christmas: EyeStrike

My cavalcade of home-grown supervillains for Marvel Heroic Roleplaying rolls on, but the end is in sight.

Eye Strike (Glen Arnold)

Solo d4
Buddy d6
Team d8

Out of His Depth

Power Sets

Energy Blast d10
SFX: Multiattack, as MHR
SFX: Deflect.  Take a die from the Doom Pool and allow Eye Strike to use OCULAR BEAMS to resist a ranged physical attack.

Combat Expert

History and Powers
Glen Arnold was a low-level technician at a lab when a reactor leak bombarded his eyes with intense radiation.  Instead of suffering typical ailments from the accident, Arnold's eyes gained the ability to project intense beams of energy.  Arnold capitalized on his new powers by launching a career as "Eye Strike."

Eye Strike has not, however, been the most successful villain ever.  He has battled and been defeated by Raven, Bankshot, the American Express, and practically every other super hero on the East Coast.  He frequently attempts to team up with other small-time supervillains for bank heists, jewelry store robberies, or other acts of grand larceny.  Unfortunately for Eye Strike, his cocky, over-eager personality (compounded with comments like, "like my apartment, I call it my Eye Pad!") wear thin on other criminals.

Eye Strike's costume is a green bodysuit with yellow trunks and boots.  His head is covered with a green cowl and golden goggles.  A large eye sometimes is depicted on his chest.

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