Sunday, December 9, 2012

9th Villain of Christmas: Empyrean

Empyrean (unknown)

Solo d6
Buddy d8
Team d10

Shaper of Flesh
Smarter than You

Power Sets

Enhanced Strength d8
Enhanced Reflexes d8
Enhanced Stamina d8
Enhanced Senses d8
Mimic d10
SFX: Focus.  If your pool includes a GENETICALLY ALTERED BODY power, you may replace two dice of equal size with one stepped-up die
Limit: Mutations.  Select the power duplicated by the Mimic power before the scene begins.  The power can only be changed during a transition scene.

Weapon d8
SFX: Mutagenic Gas.  When creating a Temporary Mutation complication, add a d6 to the pool and step up the effect die.
Limit: Gear, as MHR

Combat Expert
Psych Expert
Science Master
Tech Expert

History and Powers

Nothing is known about the background of Empyrean except that at some point in his life he modified his own body's genetic structure to grant him "human perfection" in terms of physique.  Empyrean is a brilliant geneticist who continues to tweak his own body's abilities, temporarily granting him various superhuman powers as desired.  Empyrean has often offered his skills to various criminal organizations to help them create superhuman agents, and was responsible for the creation of Tarantula and Brawl, amongst others (see individual entries).  But beyond assisting other organizations, Empyrean will pursue his own goals of expanding his scientific knowledge and power.

Empyrean is arrogant and narcissistic, often dressing to emphasize his physique and Adonis-like appearance.   In combat he frequently wields a gas-spewing weapon of his own design that created unstable and unhelpful mutations in others.  He is often accompanied by one or more beautiful female bodyguards possessing tremendous power named Crimson, Cobalt, and Viridian (see next entry).

Quote: "Of course my plan was perfect."

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