Thursday, December 6, 2012

6th Villain of Christmas: Hysteria

Hysteria (Callie Swanlen)

Solo d4
Buddy d8
Team d6

Lashing Out
The Heart of a Mob

Power Sets

Emotion Contol d10
SFX: Area Effect, as MHR
SFX: Invisible powers.  Until a hero defeats the Doom Pool, supplemented by Enhanced or Mystic Senses, and/or Mystic or Psych specialties, Hysteria can not be targeted by an attack.

Group d6/d6/d6/d6/d6
SFX: Look out!  Hysteria can use an ANGRY MOB die as part of her reaction die.  If the reaction is successful, the die is lost.  If not, it can be used again.
SFX: Mob Mentality.  Any complications created by Hysteria using HYSTERIA-INDUCING AURA can replenish the ANGRY MOB pool.

Mystic Expert
Psych Expert

History and Powers
Callie Swanlen was seized by the state as a newborn infant and spent her childhood being bounced around from group home to foster family.  While many foster families are wonderful, loving environments, Callie wasn't so lucky.  She lived in constant fear of her abusive foster parents or the torments of other members of the group homes.  Finally as a youth she was approached by a being called Gancanagh, who promised her power and security as part of a diabolical pact.  She readily agreed, and gained the ability to project her constant fear and terror upon others.
Callie is not a supervillain in the classic sense; rather than seek wealth or power Callie tends to find a large group, say at a concert or movie opening, then use her power to create an angry mass of people to protect her.  These violent mobs tend to attract a lot of attention, however.  Callie is generally a loner, but can be coerced into assisting a particularly manipulative individual, or a fellow member of Gancanagh's pacts or Gancanagh himself.
Callie doesn't wear a costume, preferring to remain an anonymous as possible.  She will become particularly obsessed with frightening "dark" heroes.

Quote: "Get away from me!"

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