Saturday, August 31, 2013

Large modular dungeon tiles

I made five 4" by 4" dungeon tiles, which is 80 square inches, almost twice my usual batch of tiles.  When added to what I've done already, this is how big a single room I can make:

14 by 14 squares, with four squares to spare.  That's a pretty big room (70 feet to a side).  If I wanted to mix it up, I could build something like this:

I'm probably going to take a little break from this project.  It has turned out well, but until I'm closer to doing a fantasy game I'm going to focus on the games I'm actually doing.

Speaking of which, it's game night tonight...


  1. I own a fair amount of Dwarven Forge (DF), but I prefer your style of dungeon tile because there are no walls. With DF, it's hard for the figures to fit because their arms, shields and weapons may jut out and not fit within the confines of, say, a 10' wide hallway.

    Have a good game tonight!

    1. I made a few dungeon pieces a while back that included first high walls, then low walls, and found problems with both of them. The walls-free tiles have the bonus of being able to be rearranged as needed.


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