Wednesday, April 6, 2016

D is for Doc Clockwork

Continuing with my plan of creating 26 supervillains for the sci-fi/superhero RPG The Ultimate Hero

Doc Clockwork

Charisma 3
Intelligence 5
Will Power 4
Dexterity 4
Stamina 3
Strength 3

Race: Human
Power Level 1
Motivation: Scientific Curiousity
Disadvantages: Curiosity
Advantages: Cyborg Powers (10), Keen Eyesight (3), Media Family (5), Resources 5 (20), Technical talent (20), Tough (7)
Skills: Knowledge, Social interaction, Hi Tech Theory (Cybernetics), Medicine (Surgery)
Racial Powers: 
Powers: Artificial Senses, Cybernetic Arm, Dermal Reinforcement, Nanite Regeneration

Saves: Kinetic 6, General 6, Will 2
Defense: Passive 10, Active 14
Health: 58
Endure Pain: 4
Power Pool: 55
Power Channeling: 6

Equipment: Doc Clockwork travels in a custom-built spaceship with a full medical bay including surgical suite.  He is often contracting private security or calling in favors from previous clients.

Doctor Soren Belmont was a leading researcher in the field of cybernetic enhancement and ran a successful surgical practice.  Despite his professional success and all that came with it, Belmot was determined to continue to push the edge of cybernetic enhancement, eventually eschewing acceptable practices and safety protocols.  When he was eventually discovered he was stripped of his medical license and lost everything.
Belmont refused to quit, and instead began operating black-market cybernetic outfits catering to sketchier clientele who were often disinterested in the risk and will to pay top-dollar for unusual tech.  Now calling himself Doc Clockwork, Belmot is again happy in his research, even to the point of outfitting himself with a number of impressive enhancements (a few to help him survive hostile encounters with law enforcement).  He can often be found patching up wounded criminals, including supervillains, outfitting people with illegal cyberware, or pushing the boundaries of sanity and safety in full-blown "mad scientist" mode.

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