Saturday, April 9, 2016

F is for False Idol

False Idol

Charisma 5
Intelligence 4
Will Power 6 (Primary)
Dexterity 2
Stamina 2
Strength 2

Race: Human, Mental Mutate
Power Level 1
Motivation: Power
Disadvantages: Foe from the past, Megalomaniac 
Advantages: Attribute bonus (Willpower) 6, Attribute bonus (Charisma) 5, Influential Benefactor, Power Pool increase, Resources 4
Skills: Meditation (Mental Focus), Social Interaction (Deception, Leadership)
Racial Powers: Powers in Manipulation or Mental categories are 1/2 cost.  Power from Body Manipulation and Reduction categories cost double.  Vulnerability to power negation.
Powers: Mind Control, Image Generation, Telepathy

Saves: Kinetic 0, General 0, Will 6
Defense: Passive 11, Active 13 
Health: 40
Endure Pain: 3
Power Pool: 115
Power Channeling: 7

Equipment: Ceremonial robes.

"False Idol" isn't what Simon Corrick calls himself; it is the name that DOSHI agents have given him.  Corrick has been known to call himself "The Emissary," "The Guardian of the Light," or "The Guide of the Celestial Path," depending on which religious cult he is currently leading.  Corrick's usual modus operandi is to slowly build up a following of individuals susceptible to his charisma and mental powers, then gradually expand, drawing in more people who can be exploited.  His enterprises have garnered him a great deal of wealth and powerful connections, despite DOSHI having shut down several of his fake religions and charging him with unlawful use of psychic powers.
Corrick is an attractive man in his late forties, with a carefully manicured appearance and radiant smile. 

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