Thursday, April 7, 2016

E is for Egregious


Charisma 1
Intelligence 2
Will Power 4
Dexterity 3
Stamina 4
Strength 5 (primary)

Race: Human, Physical Mutate
Power Level 1
Motivation: Violence
Disadvantages: Unusual appearance
Advantages: Tough, Very Tough, Large, Attribute Bonus (Strength) 5, Skill bonus combat, Resources 1
Skills: Combat (Brawling 2), Melee, Range, Athletics, Vehicle Operations
Racial Powers: powers from the Body Manipulation and Reduction are half price, powers from the Manipulation category cost double, Vulnerable to power negation
Powers: Body Armor, Unyielding, Body Weaponry, Battle Fury

Saves: Kinetic 12, General 7, Will 2
Defense: Passive 10, Active 14
Health: 127
Endure Pain: 6
Power Pool: 45
Power Channeling: 6

Equipment: Combat Shotgun, 8 Dimeload rounds, 3 Shrapnel grenades, $3000

Barrett Coles grew up in a difficult, poverty-ridden neighborhood on Earth.  As a youth he became a schoolyard bully and developed a violent temper.  As he grew into a young adult, he realized that he was not only continuing to grow taller, but also more muscular.  His skin became think and lumpy and took on an unnaturally pink color.  Keratin-like spikes grew from his knuckles, elbows, knees, and feet.  By the time he was an adult, the full extent of his physical mutations had left him hideous but physically extremely powerful.  During this time he had begun running first with local gangs, then organized crime, and finally into the superhuman community as Egregious.  His physical attributes and penchant for violence quickly established him as a go-to person whenever someone needed a little hired muscle.  Currently he continues to hire himself out to paying customers, but sometimes operates freelance as part of a ground of supervillains calling themselves the Vicious Circle.
Egregious is often consider unintelligent, but that's not true.  He is however unimaginative, coarse, and prone to throwing himself headlong into combat instead of considering alternatives.  He is a cunning fighter, alternatively using heavy firearms or his natural weaponry and strength.

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