Wednesday, January 7, 2015

An Introduction to Grimfest, Part One

Author's note:
I'm launching a new D&D 5E campaign with my Friday night group, and decided the best way to give the backstory would be to just write about it here and link to it through the group's private Facebook page (some time I'll talk about how our group uses Facebook).  All of the material for the campaign will have the label "Grimfest" in the post.  So, let's begin and the beginning...

It would be impossible to tell the tale of the origins of the city of Grimfest without talking about the Tarrasque.

The Tarrasque

  • Living Mountain of Rage
  • Virtually Indestructible
  • Grisly Cornucopia for the City

The origins of the Tarrasque are a matter of myth and speculation.  Avatar of an angry god?  Magical experiment gone horribly awry?  Regardless of where it came from, the Tarrasque has moved across the surface of the planet for centuries, a living cataclysm in whose wake history has shifted.  Empires have been torn asunder, mountain ranges levels, new seas gouged out of the earth.  No one has known if any intelligence has ever guided its path.  But almost a hundred years ago the tarrasque was moving through the valley when a group of powerful magi impaled the indestructible creature with nine epic-level rods of immobility.

The tarrasque was pinned like a gigantic butterfly on a corkboard, It heaved and thrashed but its colossal strength was unable to dislodge itself from the rods thrust into its flesh and bone.

And there it has crouched, in agony and unimaginable frustration, for the last one hundred years...

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