Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Introduction to Grimfest, Part Two

Continuing with my introduction to my 5E campaign...

The City of Grimfest

  • Indifferent to peril
  • The monster within
  • An economy of flesh

It is not clear if it was the magicians to halted the path of the Tarrasque or others who realized that the miraculously regenerative abilities of the monster could be exploited by harvesting its flesh.  The Tarrasque became a never-ending supply of meat for the region, and a community rapidly grew around it.

Beyond just carving off chunks of flesh for food, the body of the Tarrasque could also be farmed for scales, claws, horns, and other body parts which were used for the raw materials for armor, magical unguents, and other things conceived by the early entrepreneurs who formed the backbone of Grimfest's society today.

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