Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Larvate Sublimity

The Larvate Sublimity

  • The nobility of Grimfest
  • Masks and secrets
  • More than human
The first individuals to take advantage of the harvesting of flesh from the Tarrasque quickly realized that, beyond simple meat production, the flesh of the Tarrasque could be used as the core materials of many different kinds of products.  These included potions and other magical items.  Additionally the consumption of the flesh, prepared in certain ways, could prolong the lifespan of a living being, albeit with side effects.  While a person could live far beyond their normal years, the flesh of the Tarrasque was rumored to have mutagenic properties that would distort the body even as it enlivened it.

Most of those original families now called themselves the Larvate Sublimity, and rule of the city of Grimfest as local nobility.  Their research into the Tarrasque has led many of them to become powerful magic users, while others merely content themselves to fantastic wealth.  Almost all of the Larvate Sublimity have taken to wearing masks in public, adding to the rumors that they are no longer fully human.

Helping maintain their control of the economy surrounding the Tarrasque is the Red Glaives.  The Red Glaives are a military unit that both regularly extracts flesh from the monster with their magical polearms and polices the city, although mostly they exist to protect the interested of the Sublimity.  The hooded figures in their blood-red leather armor and long, serrated weapons are a common sight in Grimfest.

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