Saturday, January 24, 2015

Friday Recap: with added bacon!

It is game night again last Friday, and the crew brought in a ton of food. In addition to the pizza there was salad, white chili, brownies, and stuffed jalapeƱo poppers wrapped in bacon!  Thankfully I showed a little restraint, but here's a photo:

The group returned to the dungeon they explored two weeks ago. With the rotating player rules in place, the group ended up being mostly "squishies": a bard, a cleric, a warlock, a sorcerer, a Druid, and a monk. The cleric and the monk ended up at the front of the matching order. After a ghoul and a ghastly nearly took out the entire party, they started playing very cagey. 

One nice moment for me was realizing that the player doing the mapping got turned around and confused. Perfect for creating tension as they soon realize they don't know where they are!  They also did a very cool trick at one point by having the sorcerer cast "light" on a crossbow bolt and then having a PC with dark vision use it to "tag" a monster hiding in the shadows. 

All told a tension-filled night on dungeon crawling as I get the players familiar with their PC's (and up to second level). 

Thanks for reading and good gaming!

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