Monday, January 26, 2015

Whither DC Heroes?

With all of the discussion about superhero RPG's here and elsewhere, I rarely see a reference to DC Heroes.

There's a lot of love out there for a lot of older superhero games.  A lot of people really love Champions.  Marvel Comic's old RPG, now often called FASERIP, has apparently a robust online community.  I even saw that Villains & Vigilantes has been re-published.  But every time I seen Barking Alien or Lord Blacksteel or someone else talking about thinking about one superhero RPG or another, DC Heroes never comes up.

Which surprises me, because from what I can tell, the game was ridiculously well-supported and went through three different editions (although on the Wikipedia entry it suggested that each new edition tried to clean up problems in the last one--never a good sign).  While I do not own any of the editions of the core rulebooks, I have managed over the years to score many sourcebooks at used book stores, and they all look pretty well written with lots of character information.

So what gives?  Is the game a dog with fleas when it comes to the rules?  Are DC-based games just cursed to be badly written (I'm looking at you, DC Universe...)  I need my RPG nabobs to fill me in here.


  1. Great Caesars Ghost!

    This was this weeks Thorough Thursday post. LOL

    1. Thus proving that you are, in fact, my brother from another mother.

    2. And let me also say how much I'm looking forward to your post on Thursday.

  2. I rather enjoyed this game myself. but have not played or even talked about it for years.