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First Post of 2015: Who the Heck am I?

I'm willing to steal a good idea from Adam over at Barking Alien, namely taking the time on the first post of the year to introduce the readers to the author of this particular blog.

My name's Rob, with one b, not two, but I'll answer to both.
The origins of my blogger "handle" comes from way back when I was active some forums using a name that had "WQ" in it.  When I started blogging, I added my more familiar name "WQ" to my real name "Rob."  But Blogger wanted six letters in a name, not five, so I added the second "b" from my last name.  Thus, WQRobb was born.

I'm in my mid-forties, and live in Lawrence, Kansas, the "Berkeley of the Midwest" and home to the University of Kansas.  It's a great city to live in, and probably the only city in Kansas I'd want to live in for that matter.

This is actually my second blogger blog, an offshoot of The Army Collector, where I originally wrote about wargaming, miniature painting, and terrain building.

I've been running an RPG session at my house every other Friday for the last four years.  I started with three players (Todd, John, and my son Mac).  The group has slowly grown to ten people now, between the ages of 11 and 50.  I'm blessed that all of them are good friends.

We have dinner together before gaming so we can socialize and catch up with one another.  Usually I cook the main course and the players bring something (like beer).

Rachel carefully monitors the shenanigans of some of the younger players.
The group has played mostly Dungeons & Dragons, although we had a lengthy campaign of Marvel Heroic Roleplaying and a similarly lengthy Mass Effect RPG campaign run by John.  With the release of 5E we are back to D&D.

When I started the blog I was very into the more OSR-oriented games, where maps written on graph paper were the norm, hence the title of the blog "Graph Paper Games."  After a while I switched it up to "graphs, paper, and games" to reflect a slightly wider focus.

When it comes to RPG's I like, I'm a dilettante.  I like fantasy RPG's, but I also really love superheroes, and consistently enjoy science-fiction.  I own a gazillion of them from the last twenty to thirty years, and am way overdue to cull some of them down.

On an unrelated note, when I'm not working or doing RPG's or wargaming, I'm also on a men's roller derby league in Kansas City, the Cowtown Butchers.


What's this blog about?

Finding ways to get new people into gaming.  I think that in-person, tabletop RPG's are a lot of fun and have a lot to offer, and I like talking about how to get new people to the gaming table.

Externally processing my thoughts about RPG's.  I think a lot about gaming, just as a way to keep my somewhat overwrought brain occupied.  In order to not have it just rattle around interminably, I write it down.  As a small side note, I'm aware that this is the least popular kind of post.

Helpful and inspirational material.  NPC's, maps, adventure ideas, etc.  I would actually like to create more of this kind of stuff for the blog, since I suspect it is the most interesting.

Anyways, that's a bit about who I am to get the year rolling.  Thanks for reading, and have a great new year!


  1. Hi Rob. Good post, was fun reading it.

  2. Men's Roller Derby? Wow. I learn something new about you all the time. :)

    I dated a Female Roller Derby player once. It went on well for a while until we starting butting heads.

    I awoke with a concussion.


    Anyway, thanks for the insight, and happy to have inspired it.

    Keep on truckin' brother.


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