Saturday, January 31, 2015

Friday recap and XP issues

Two of the wonderful ladies in my gaming group. 

We had our first game session at level two last night for 5E D&D. The group did so well the actually cruised right into level three!  Well, the gaps is XP amounts per level increases from here, so it should slow down.  

I have noticed a problem with the methods in the DMG for determining the challenge of the encounter based on monster XP values. It has to do with large groups like mine (six at the table). 

With a group of six, a single monster is worth half its XP value for the purposes of determining the challenge total. Two monsters are worth their base amount. 

How's that work in practice?  Say a Nothic, a "level 2" monster, is worth 450 XP.  Against six PC's it is only worth 225 XP, making it an "easy" encounter. 

Two Nothics, however, are worth 900 XP, a "hard" encounter. What you can not get is a 450 XP Nothic encounter, its original value!  Weird. 


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    1. I got them for her and another for her brother last time I was traveling for work. It is one of the great blessings in my life that I have a great gaming group who all really enjoy hanging out with each other.

    2. It's really something to be thankful, for. I agree.