Monday, April 1, 2013

A is for Artificial Intelligence

Artifical Intelligence

Three hundred years ago the rebellion against the government of Harlan's World by the Quellists was entering into its final phase.  Certain factions among the Quellists, sensing their cause against the aristocracy was doomed, hatched a plan to create a series of self-replicating robots, guided by crude artificial intelligences, which could continue to cause havoc long after their defeat.  The project was successful, and the robots, called Mimints (military machine intelligences), managed to kill or drive back most of the residents of the island of New Hokkaido.

After three hundred years, the artificial intelligences that control the mimints are far from sophisticated, usually only possessing simple patrol/kill programming.  Others bear the semblances of humanity, but are incapable of true human interaction, instead constantly pontificating on the socio-political and economic philosophies of Quellism when encountered by radio or digital communication.

Rumors among the deCom veterans of more sophisticated AI's existing in the far reaches of the Uncleared are scoffed at by both the media and Mecsek authorities.

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