Friday, April 5, 2013

Tales of Robot Romance!

So, we had our second session of Marvel Heroic Roleplaying.  The PC's who were present were the Ferret, Mr. Eternity, Samkhara, and Abrasax the Gargoyle.

The story begins with the Ferret (in his secret identity as Max Collins) taking a day off for a drive up the coastline.  He's accompanied by Samkhara, who just wanted a chance to get away and have some fun.

While stopping to get fuel and a soda, the Ferret and Samkhara notice people running in terror down the street.  Samkhara uses her fear-based telepathy to ascertain that a robot is destroying the center of the small community.  The Ferret drives to the downtown area, only to have a statue crash into his car, destroying it and hurting both him and his companion.  The robot is going berzerk, tearing up everything in the area.

The Ferret quickly changes costumes, calls Mr. Eternity on his cell phone, and he and Samkhara engage the robot, who as it turns out as a human brain (albeit one consumed with fear and confusion).  Mr. Eternity and Abrasax show up together and help dismantle the robot before it does more damage.

Samkhara is able to talk the robot into a more calm state and discovers that her name is Sandy Perkins, an elderly woman who apparently had her brain placed into the robot body by a strange half-human, half-robot woman.  She managed to escape, although in hysterical state so she can't remember where the facility where she was held is.

The Ferret manages to use Mrs. Perkins' trail of destruction back up the coastline towards the secret facility, but along the way they are attacked by six robotic duplicates of Mr. Eternity.  The heroes manage to destroy two of them, but not before the other four fly off with Mr. Eternity as their prisoner (the result of a 2d12 on the Doom Pool).

While Abrasax follows the exhaust trail of the robots through the air, Mr. Eternity meets his captor, the cyborg supervillainess Interface.  As it turns out, Interface had seem Mr. Eternity on television and realized that, like her, he was a fusion of humanity and technology, and she hoped he would join her in transforming all of humanity into cyborgs (Mrs. Perkins was an early attempt at a prototype, having been kidnapped from a retirement home).

At that moment, the other heroes burst in and began battling Interface and her robotic minions.  Mr. Eternity hatched a plan, however, and began to try to convince Interface that he genuinely was interested in joining her, and with Samkhara's telepathic assistance, convinced her to stop fighting.  (In game terms, he and Samkhara emotionally stressed her out.)   The heroes then deposited her at the supervillain detention facility. No doubt Interface will be back to avenger herself on the hero that broke her (half human) heart!

Sadly, Mrs. Perkins' body had been destroyed, but the plucky old lady decided that the robot body worked better than the old one, but she was worried about her ability to go back to the retirement home.  After some discussion, the heroes decided to invite her to join the team and move into her headquarters.  Sandy, now going by the name "Mrs. Robot" isn't much for fighting, however, but she will help take care of things around the base, bake brownies, etc.  (Samkhara and she have already had some differences, but Mrs. Robot is particularly fond of that kind young man calling himself "The Ferret.")

For those who are curious, here's Mrs. Robot's Datafile

Mrs. Robot (Sandy Perkins)

Illustration by Dave Johnson
Affiliations: Solo d4, Buddy d6, Team d8

Sweet Old Lady
More Machine Than Human
Making the Best of a Bad Situation

Power Sets:

Superhuman Strength d10
Enhanced Durability d10
Enhanced Senses d8
SFX: Nuts and Bolts.  Step up a Robot Body power, then increase the Doom Pool by a d6.
SFX: In the Repair Shop.  Mrs. Robot is unable to recover physical trauma normally or through medical care.  A Tech specialty roll against the starting doom pool and the trauma level will repair all damage immediately, however.
SFX: Immune to disease, poison, aging

Psych Novice (d6)


  1. Best. Superhero. Post. Ever!

    I want a Robot Granny too!

    1. High praise indeed! It was a fun game, and nice to see Mr. Eternity's player not just try to muscle his way out of the situation.