Monday, April 1, 2013

The A-to-Z Challenge: DeCom

I've been waffling on doing this blogging challenge on the grounds that I'll be away from home for over a week, and am not sure that I'll have access to the internet or the opportunity to blog during that time.

But, I'm a sucker for a dare, and given that Adam over at Barking Alien is doing it, not to mention a few other friends, I thought I'd at least give it a try.  What I'll probably do is attempt to pre-write the blog entries for the days I'll be gone, and then schedule their uploads in advance.  That's a bit more pressure on what is already a loaded two weeks, but I think I can manage it.

Rather than do another run of supervillains again, like Adam is doing, I decided I would outline an RPG campaign called deCom based on the book Woken Furies by Richard Morgan, the third of his "Takeshi Kovacs" series.  While not based on the main plot of the book, deCom instead focuses on a side-plot of the book, the vast area of Harlan's World under the control of rogue AI's, and the plan by the government of using mercenaries to attempt to eradicate the inorganic threat.

For the month, I'll list 26 aspects of the campaign, some from the book, others extrapolated from the source material, while even more just made up from my own imagination.  Note that there is no rules-specific elements to the list--I haven't chosen what rules I would use for this, much less if I'd even try to run this for real.  But hopefully, by the end of the month you might have enough inspiration to consider your own deCom campaign.

As a side note, references to other entries will be boldfaced.

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