Monday, April 15, 2013

M is for Moving

No, I'm not relocating to another job.  I did that a little under three years ago, and it was traumatic enough to convince to me stick my current job, even if they start burning me in effigy.

I'm talking about just moving around.  I'm one of those people who really doesn't like sitting for long stretches of time.  There's a direct connection between my ability to think critically and be creative and being in motion.  Go for a walk, have brainstorms.  Sit down, and some part of my brain shuts off.  My office staff has, I think, gotten used to my just grabbing my coat, saying "I'll be back in five mintues," and then leaving the office.  I've even noticed that when I'm really, really depressed I walk like I'm in slow-motion.

Despite this, I'm distinctly a guy who could use a little more exercise.  If should just simply schedule regular walks during my work days, and maybe do a good long one on my days off.

I'm also moving today is so far as that I'm traveling to a work-related conference.  This conference was the main argument against my doing the April "A to Z" Challenge: eight days with a pretty packed schedule.  I wasn't even sure I'd have wifi, since I'm going to be at some sort of campground/conference center, not a hotel/conference center.  Needless to say, if these blog posts drop off tomorrow, you'll know why.

There's another thing I've got going on related to "moving" but I may be saving that until later.

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