Friday, August 15, 2014

#RPGaDAY Day 15: Favorite Convention Game

I haven't played a lot of convention game, but my all-time favorite?

Torg is one of the RPG's with a certain amount of notoriety.  It was ambitious as an attempt to do a cross-genre platform with some neat ideas but was bit before its time.  Anyways, a long time ago I went to this small convention in South Dakota and managed to get into a game of Torg that turned out to be hysterically funny and engaging and the guy running it clearly was having a good time and knew the game well (two very good qualities for a good game).  Other convention games have been okay, but I just remember this guy's house rule that PC's from the pulp era always had theme music playing in the background--a big problem for a guy trying to sneak into somewhere...


  1. I can't imagine Torg as anyone's favorite convention game. Or any other type of game for that matter. And this is coming from a dyed in the wool WEG fan. The game was indeed an ambitious idea but so, off, so broken.

    That fact that someone ran a game and it was good, even great, is very refreshing. Yes, Adam just bashed a game and then wished its fans well. I do that. It's what makes me special.

    Torg is one of those games I always wanted to like, always wanted to see do well. As I said, it was just so off its mark somehow. Sounds like this GM spotted the problems, and fixed them for a special occasion.

    1. A couple of responses. First, a one-off convention game often hides some of the brokenness of a game. Second, and I think my earlier Robotech RPG reference in this monthly blog-a-thon proves it: a GM who enjoys the game and is able to project that onto players covers a lot of sins.