Wednesday, August 27, 2014

#RPGaDAY Day 27: Game you'd like to see a new/improved version of

A great game concept with a complicated ruleset.  Don't know this one?  Here's the synopsis.

The Seven Worlds are the good guys, noble individuals dedicated to higher ideals.  They fought a war against the Starguild, a bunch of tyrannical jerks, a lose.  Small clusters of soldiers from the Seven Worlds place themselves in suspended animation in hope of coming back 150 years in the future to try to re-launch a war against what they hope will be a diminished Starguild.  The PC's are a group of these cryogenically-frozen soldiers, who have a strong knight/samurai feel to them, only with powered armor.

Only here's the kicker.  The planet, Rhand, where they are sleeping was actually conquered by an heretofore unknown alien race called the Spectrals, who infect the population with a virus that makes most humans hyper-violent sociopaths.  So instead of waking up in some decaying Starguild society, they wake up in full blown Mad Max-ville.  Now they have to fight off crazed humans and Spectrals while trying to rebuild society with the remnant of low-tech non-infected humans.

What was really cool was how the PC's had to choose which "color" they were, essentially a Hogwarts House-like distinction based on their personality.  It was a nice way of setting into character.  The game was basically a good one for people who liked crunch-heavy combat and world building.

A lot of Leading Edge Games' issues had to deal with their attempt to capitalize on movie franchises like Lawnmower Man, Army of Darkness, Aliens, or Bram Stoker's Dracula.  I played the Aliens board game recently and it was a great one-off game, by the way.


  1. Living Steel is one of those games I remember wanting but never got around to buying. I saw a used copy once but the hardback was so beat up & damaged that I would not pay the asking price. Back to the hunt...

    1. It is funny that there are still a few fanatics who love this RPG.