Thursday, August 7, 2014

#RPGaDay Day 7: Most "intellectual" game owned

This one was kind of a stumper, because I'm not sure what "intellectual" means (he says without a trace of irony).  Does it mean complicated?  Literary? "Narrativist"?  What makes an RPG more highbrow than another?

So, I'll go with this one:

Ars Margica, First Edition.  A fantasy RPG that didn't focus on dungeon crawling.  "Troupe" play where players could choose between a cast of PC's, some grossly underpowered than the others.  When I got hold of the game it just seemed so much more cerebral than what I was used to saying.

Ironically enough, I liked the first edition so much I basically passed on later editions as I saw the game get more and more bloated and heavily influenced by the burgeoning World of Darkness.

It's funny, in reflection, how much genuine affection I have for this slim little RPG.

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