Friday, August 8, 2014

#RPGaDay Day 8: Favorite Character

Lane Mastodon, REF Field Scientist!

That's actually Lazlo Zand, but I don't have a pic of Dr. Mastodon.
Part of the REF left behind on Tirol while the SDF-3 went exploring, Lane Mastodon was a member of the famous "Griffons" squadron that uncovered a mysterious Bioroid conspiracy involving telepathic young women in the Robotech: the Sentinels RPG campaign that I played in while attending college.

Like almost all of my college-era PC's, Mastodon was bit of a wise-ass.

Runner up: Fargo Wells, smuggler from the WEG Star Wars game
Third Place: Amazing Man, from Champions.

Yeah...pretty much the same personality...

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