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The Death of KITT (a Fate RPG session report)

We open with a strange group of people assembling around the bed of a badly injured Michael Knight. There is a mysterious man calked the Doctor, Egon Spengler, Nancy Drew, Marty McFly, Cpl. John Winger, and Police Chief Martin Brody. Knight tells them that he was helping out a young woman named Rosa who ran a horse ranch for handicapped children. Rosa has been threatened by a local drug lord named Don Diego who wanted her land. While surveying Diego's villa Michael's supercar KITT suddenly warned him he was in terrible danger and ejected him just as the car exploded. Rosa had taken the badly injured knight to the hospital, but Diego appears to have seized the remains if the car.
The group decides to go undercover as drug buyers while Egon and Nancy maintain surveillance. They manage to fool Diego and he offers to show them the wrecked car, but he doesn't know how the car exploded. The Dictor manages to sneak the CPU out of KITT's dashboard and the leave (along with a sample of drugs to be used by Winger later on).
"As evidence...for later."

The group decides to travel via the TARDIS back to the ranch from the villa, but the time machine goes haywire, hurtling them into the near future. However the late 1980's is a devastated wasteland of destruction. While searching for clues to what happened Marty encounters a homicidal robot drone. The drone pursues Marty back to the TARDIS where Egon and Brody blast it apart.
"Aaarmy training!"

Meanwhile Nancy Drew spots a tiny black man only eight inches in height sneaking about the control room of the TARDIS. She and Marty manage to catch him, but he seems to be in a daze. A quick investigation shows that the tiny fellow was the saboteur. The Doctor and Egon restore him to normal size by manipulating a chip in the back of his neck and return his memory.

"This would be the size I usually think of when I think about a black man."

The now fairly talk man (Elvin Lincoln) says he is from Humanidyne Labs, a center focussing on studying paranormal humans. There are several other subjects there including a telekinetic and a man who can manipulate electricity. The group realizes that they must have been the ones to destroy KITT, but why would regular people turn evil?  With the TARDIS repaired, they head for Humanidyne.
The lab is in shambles and shows signs of a struggle, including someone of possibly superhuman strength.  Found security camera footage shows a small girl battling her way through the lab and capturing the other paranormal humans.
The group then concocts an elaborate scheme.  They will create fake footage of Nancy Drew and Marty McFly possessing usual powers, and then release it to the media under a guise of a press release from Humanidyne that they have new "Misfits of Science" in hopes of drawing out the superstrong child.  In the meantime, the Doctor examines the head of the robot to discover that it is a drone under the command of something called "V.I.C.I." and is programmed to destroy all human life.  Moreover its internal memory shows that most of the earth was devastated by a nuclear war just six months from now as part of V.I.C.I.'s plans, and that now the central AI is located in Washington, DC.
While the team is waiting around for the child to show up, Dr. Bonnie Barstow, creator of KITT, stops by the lab to see how they are doing.  The group shows her around, and takes her into the TARDIS to see the remnants of KITT's CPU and the weapon used by the robot in the future.

"Dr. Barstow, you have really nice hair."
Suddenly, Bonnie grabs the rifle, shoots the Doctor, and metamorphoses into the small girl!  Chief Brody and Egon blast away at the small child, and Marty and Winger draw her back outside the TARDIS towards their space/time bubble trap.  Nancy desperately attempts to hurl her into the trap but to no avail, and finally Winger manages to wrestle her in.
While trapped in suspension, the Doctor (suffering a serious wound) talks to the young girl, who turns out to be VICI.  She had been built as a way of helping handicapped children but had eventually realized how flawed her creator and his family was and decided to destroy all humans instead.  The Doctor convinces her that humans are perfect because they are flawed, and VICI realizes the error of her ways.
Winger suggests, if VICI really wants to help handicapped children, there is a woman named Rosa who is running a ranch for children who is being hassled by a drug lord named Don Diego...

"Hey Diego!  Say hello to my little friend!"


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