Friday, August 22, 2014

#RPGaDAY Day 22: Best secondhand RPG purchase

I buy a lot of games for used bookstores, so there are a lot of contenders for this.  But recently, I did find one of my Holy Grails....

The original Deities & Demigods, with the Lovecraft, Moorcock, and Newhon Mythos included.  For those who don't know, Arkham House, who claimed to have copyright to Lovecraft and Moorcock's work and had sold them to Chaosium for gaming purposes, raised hell with TSR.  Initially credit was given to Chaosium for the characters, but then TSR decided to do a new edition that didn't have the references to the literary pantheons.


  1. You're kidding? Holy Hot Hamburger! Mine too!

  2. I wrote these up several days ago. When I saw that you had picked the same thing I laughed out loud!