Saturday, August 1, 2015

#RPGaDay 1

So, lacking much in the way of content on this blog lately, I thought I'd try the RPGaDay blog challenge for August.  Here's the chart.

Day 1: RPG you are most looking forward to.

Tough one, because I'm so out of the loop on what RPG's are in the pipeline.  Star Wars: Force and Destiny from Fantasy Flight Games is due out, and I'm sort of interested in that, but I'm terrified that like practically every other iteration of a Star Wars RPG the inclusion of Jedi will break the damn thing.

And frankly, the FFG games are expensive and they are slowly releasing over three books what should have been in one: scoundrels, rebels, and Jedi.  Cough up $150+ for that, and have the funky dice mechanics?  I think I'm talking myself out of my own answer here.

I have the core D&D 5E rulebooks, and they are a fairly decent version of D&D.  If I don't like that version of D&D, I have Castles & Crusades.  If I don't want to do D&D, I have Dragon Age or Blade Raiders or a gazillion other games.  Supers games?  Got 'em.  A solid sci-fi game?  That's a trickier one, because it is such a broad spectrum in the genre, but there's Traveller or d6 Space or Alternity.

Honestly, what I wish would be released (which is not the question, nor is asked this month) is the Marvel Heroic Roleplaying sourcebooks for The Initative/Thunderbolts, the Young Avengers/Runaways, and Annihilation, all of which are alluded to in the Civil War sourcebook but have never seen the light of day.  And frankly, given how popular the Guardians of the Galaxy movie was, the Annihilation sourcebook could have dove-tailed into that nicely.

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  1. I agree with you on the big miss of those MHR supplements. I'm hoping they're out there in some form, waiting to be released into the wilds of the internet someday like some of the unfinished books for the LUG Star Trek RPG