Monday, August 3, 2015

RPGaDay 3: Favorite Game of the Last 12 months

Has it been less than 12 months since D&D 5E came out?  Wikipedia says so.

First, I'm surprised that it has only been 12 months since the game has come out, given the real market presence it seems to have.  Second, I'm surprised how few RPG's I've actually purchased lately that I can remember enjoying.  The Valiant Universe RPG was a huge let-down, FATE was two years ago.  I don't think I'm buying as much in the way of RPG's these days.  I think I bought a copy of the Mongoose version of Traveller in there somewhere, but I can't be sure.  Boy, things sure have changed...


  1. Do you think 5e sucked the air out of the room? Gave the Old skoolers their "victory" and brought them back into (or near) the fold?

    1. I do think that it brought a lot of OSR guys back into the fold, but I don't know about sucking all the air out of the room. There are lots of games getting created out there. But 5E has become the game you find at stores that sell things other than RPG's, like comic books or video game stores, along with maybe Pathfinder. I think its cross-edition appeal and its relatively small inventory makes it easy to carry.

  2. This years questions are tough for me to answer so far. It's like, "What's your favorite game of the games you didn't buy?" "Since no one is making games you have to have, what games are you looking forward to?" Yeesh.