Monday, August 17, 2015

RPGaDay 17: Favorite Fantasy RPG

Let me ask you a question.

I own a Nissan.  I bought it because it was the best used car that was available that was the kind I wanted and could afford.  It's a good car, a car I like driving and fits my needs.

But is it my favorite car?  Would I rather be driving a flashier car, or a car with more character, or a car for which I have fond memories?  Or is the car that I drive every day, the car that works to suit my needs as a person, my favorite car?

See, for two years I (and a friend who sometimes stood behind the screen) ran D&D Fourth Edition.  For the last seven months, going on eight now, I've been running D&D Fifth Edition.  So, if my goal is to get together with my friends and have a good time engaging in a collaborative storytelling game and eating some not-so-good for you food, then either of these two games has met my needs admirably.  And if the Nissan is my favorite car (and I do like it a lot), then either of those two games could be considered my favorite game.  And that's a pretty good argument.

What makes it better is that honestly I don't have a fantasy RPG for which I have a lot of fondness for its game mechanics, its rich storytelling, or with which I have a storied history.

I guess I love the old D&D Cyclopedia. It's a great version of old school D&D that's all in one self-contained volume and it is beautiful.

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