Thursday, August 13, 2015

RPGaDay 13: Favorite RPG Podcast

True confession time: I don't listen to that many podcasts.

Second true confession: I have a podcast of my own.  For work, not gaming.  So there you go.

Something in the back of my head says I ought to, because I could theoretically listen to podcasts and paint miniatures at the same time, which I can not do while watching television or surfing the internet, for example.  I can't even really paint and listen to books on CD, because every now and then my attention would be so tuned to the painting that I'd miss something in the text of the book.

But mostly I don't listen because I don't have time.  One reason why I love RPG's is because I can think about them while driving or in a waiting room or shopping for groceries.  I'm not sure I could or would spare the time for podcasts, but I'm looking forward to hearing people's recommendations.

So, the only one I have listened to at all is d6 Generation because it covers more than just RPG's but also board games and miniatures games and I like all those things.  My favorite part is at the beginning, where people talk about what hobby stuff they've done since the last podcast, and for some reason I find that really fascinating.

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