Saturday, August 8, 2015

RPGaDay 8: Favorite Appearance of RPG's in the Media

Okay, so are we talking about the news media, or any other, like an appearance in a TV show, movie, etc.

I just got put onto this series when a friend recommended it for my kids.  It's a great story taking place in a creepy private school in Gotham City.  But where does the RPG element come in?

I suppose it could be from "Big Trouble in Little China"

"Maps," the best friend of the main character Olive, is a huge fan of the game "Spells and Serpents," and tends to view most of their adventures from that paradigm.  When exploring a hidden chamber under the school, Maps says, "I am going to loot the hell out of this place."  She calls Killer Croc a "lizard man," and of course, paints a beholder in art class.

Anyways, my kids love the series and so do I, so go check it out.  Next question!

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