Saturday, August 22, 2015

RPGaDay 22: Perfect Gaming Environment

I had to really think about this one and what the questioner is really trying to say.  So here goes....

I like gaming at my own house.  It my previous house I had a fantastic finished basement, the creation of its previous owner who was a model train enthusiast.  In my current house I have a semi-finished basement: painted concrete block walls and a sealed cement floor, but it works.  My son was given a 4' by 8' table (long story) which now is the table upon which I game.  That's my gaming environment and I like it.

Actual room depicted.

Mostly I just like gaming at my own home first and foremost.  It means I can relax more, feel comfortable using the restroom, etc.  I don't care for gaming at gaming stores.  I know a lot of people do that out of necessity and as a way to game with relative strangers who they might not want to be in their house or because they don't have the space.  I don't have those problems: I have space and friends I trust.  Plus I get a kitchen and a gaming room that doesn't smell strongly of Unwashed Boy.  Being in my own space means that gamers can breastfeed their infants (I've had four incidences of that in my gaming career) and tuck their kids in the guest room when we go late.  Can't do that in a gaming store either.

Beyond just being in my own space I like a game session with plenty of good food, which I often make (someday I may do my "recipes for game night" cookbook), and the other amenities of good hospitality.  I'm a big fan of a lack of external distractions (another strike against FLGS's) and this might hack some people off, but I've been tempted to switch off the wi-fi at my house when we game.  I recently implemented a house rule that if you whip out your cell phone at the gaming table, you have to step away from the table until your done.  Sounds draconian, but honestly if you were participating in any other group activity dorking around on your cell phone would be rude.  Same here.  The group gets why, and there has been less, "um, it's my turn?  What's going on?"

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