Sunday, August 9, 2015

RPGaDay 9: Favorite media you wish was an RPG

It's funny, because I have to answers to this question, but both seem right within my grasp.

First, I'd love to see a Lost Girl RPG.

A team of various supernatural beings going around trying to keep the peace while navigating the politics of their society?  There's your "elevator pitch" for a Lost Girl campaign.

As I mentioned above, I think it would be easy-peasy to go this campaign by hacking the Angel RPG, but I'd love for someone other than me to do it.

My second, because I always seem to have two answers to every question, is a Warehouse 13 RPG.

Investigators trying to locate historical objects imbued with almost supernatural abilities, all the while trying to stay under the radar of society?  Again, a really easy sell.  

This one I've actually done, or at least sketched out for my kids, using the FATE system.  You've got Pete (Alcoholic Ex-Marine, Just Having Some Fun), Mika (Raised in a Bookstore, Haunted by Failure), Artie (Former Cold War Spy, Never Lose an Agent), Claudia (Impulsive Inventor, Destined to Become the Caretaker), and Steve (Gay Buddhist DEA Agent, Second Stringer).

So I really don't need this one, but the first would be fantastic.


  1. I would recommend Urban Shadows for your lost girl game, it's almost exactly your sales pitch but with the option to also play humans that have discovered the supernatural (Kenzi.)


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